Supertato and the Evil Pea.

We have had fun this week reading Supertato! We had Supertato’s friends (the veggies) come and stay with us and it was our job to look after them! The ‘Evil’ Pea visited our classroom Tuesday evening and the children had to rescue the veggies on Wednesday. We enjoyed making traps for the sneaky Evil Pea!

This is Me!

‘This is Me’ inspired by the greatest showman. We spent time getting to know everyone in our class and enjoyed playing together. Our role play was set up as a circus and children enjoyed buying tickets and popcorn.


Today we talked about germs and why it is important to wash our hands. Miss Harby covered her hands in ‘slime’ (sand and hand gel) and showed us all how easy it is to pass on germs. We all shook each others hands and talked about how far these germs can spread. We all got very messy so we had to wash our hands really well with soap!!

National Fitness Day

On Wednesday it was National fitness day. We talked about how important exercise is for our bodies and we had a go at different fitness challenges. We enjoyed Joe Wick’s 5 minute fitness breaks and yoga in the afternoon with Mrs Edwards.

Phoneme Hunt

As part of our phonics session this morning we went outside to find objects beginning with the letters S A T P I N. We enjoyed sharing when we had found a hidden clue! We then had to draw a picture of the object we had found next to the letter it begins with.


Science Morning with Chestnut Parents

We have had the most amazing morning. We have loved sharing our learning with our families today. We hope they’ve enjoyed learning all about “Where our rubbish goes.” Thank you families for joining us and we can’t wait for you to visit again. We especially enjoyed your segmenting of the word card. See the clip below. We have spent this morning building our own recycled creations, floating and sinking materials and showing off our fantastic “rubbish” writing. We also had the chance to visit Willow and Holly Class to see their exciting experiments. We might even try these at home.

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Fun Fridays

Today we invited Beech Class to join us for fun Friday. We shared one of our favourite stories with them. “Tidy”, the story about the badger who didn’t know when to stop tidying the forest. We shared a special song with them and played together. We were sad when they had to leave and we can’t wait for them to visit again. What a great afternoon of fun!


Autumn Poetry

This week, we have been studying and writing Autumn themed poetry. We used the poem ‘Autumn’ by Sue Perks to inspire us. Within our poems, we included noun phrases, rhyme schemes and syllable patterns to help the reader or listener to visualise what we love about Autumn. We typed up our poems using the laptops and learnt how to format our writing to make it look really professional. Afterwards, we looked at Autumn colours and created our own artwork using some of the fallen leaves in our playground. Take a look at us in action below.

Autumn time is here again,
Days grow short and colder.
But there’s much we can enjoy,
As the year grows older.
Carved pumpkins outside your door,

Trick or treaters shouting more!
Fires crackling in the room,
Fireworks go wizz, bang, booom!
Leaves are falling from the trees,
I can feel that chilly breeze.
It’s Autumn time, time to scare,
It’s halloween so beware!

Autumn time is here again,
Days grow short and colder.
Lets give thanks for all we have,
As the year grows older.
By Bella


Good luck Miss Yarwood!

To Miss Yarwood,

Good luck Miss Yarwood! We hope you have a great time at the Invictus Games, competing in all your events. Have a fantastic plane journey and a great time with your Invictus friends. We can’t believe that you’ll be on the other side of the world and be asleep when we’re at school. Enjoy the swimming events, we know how much you love water. We’ll look out for you on tv. We can’t wait to see what you and “Cliff the seagull” get up to and we’re looking forward to hearing all your stories. Say hi to Prince Harry from us.

From Chestnut Class xx


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